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It's Never too Early for Christmas
Posted on Oct 19th, 2019 Comments (0)
Three boats from last year's Boat Parade.
It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas since Hobby Lobby recently set out aisles of Christmas decorations. This is the signal to read “FOR Christmas Boat Parade 2019 and Home Decorating” information. You say, "it's too early for me"... some studies (?) show that people who put up their Christmas decorations and start thinking about the Boat Parade early are healthier and happier than those who don’t. We’re just here to help preserve good mental health on the San Bernard!
"People should investigate what FOR is doing with their funds"
Posted on Oct 15th, 2019 Comments (0)
It was recently stated on a Facebook page, “People should investigate what FOR is doing with their funds.” So, to save time and trouble for those peoplehere's a  list of how FOR spends donors’ money.
  1. Six $1000 scholarships to graduating seniors who's chosen field of study supports environmental stewardship.
  2. River Ranger program in fifth grade classrooms throughout the watershed to teach kids about the river.
  3. Public education programs, free admission, open to everyone, held at the FOR Community Center, topics like septic systems, river hydrology, boater safety, gardening, etc. Five to six programs a year.
  4. Sponsor a river cleanup and three highway clean ups each year.
  5. Sponsor the Independence Day and Christmas boat parades with the FOR Community Center open for guests not located on the parade route.
  6. Advocate tirelessly for opening the mouth.
  7. Represent the river on the Citizen Advisory Panel with industries in Old Ocean.
  8. Twice renegotiated guidelines with Phillips 66 for barge traffic on the river.
  9. Advocate for San Bernard issues during Brazoria County Days in Austin each legislative session. This past spring that not only including dredging the mouth, but met with the General Land Office to solicit help for residents above the dam who are still struggling with debris from Harvey. Supply a truck load of bottled water with FOR logo label.
  10. Volunteer at Sweeny Pride Day judging cook-off entries.
  11. Maintain a comprehensive, professional web site with links to key information on flooding and emergency contacts, informative stories about the river, both current and historical.
  12. Publish an semi-annual newsletter "Current News" to 1400 people.
  13. Instrumental in getting a real time flood gauge at Hwy 35. Currently working with the National Weather Service River Forecast Center to get an additional flood gauge at FM 521. If Federal or state funding isn't sufficient for that, FOR may dedicate some of their funds to the project.
  14. Exploring possibilities for starting a recycling program for river residents.
  15. Working with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service to match owners of failing septic systems with funds to repair or replace them.
  16. FOR owns zero property. It facilitates a Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Supplemental Environmental Project and uses TCEQ water violation fines to purchase a contract with the estate to preserve a virgin hardwood forest on the San Bernard banks at the Brazoria / Ft.Bend County line. FOR pays for the surveys and legal fees. Ducks Unlimited holds the easement contract with the estate.
  17. Improvements to the Community Center - handicap parking, handicap restroom, pavilion and septic system. The dock redo and new fence were built with Home Depot grants at no cost to the organization
  18. Texas Stream Team water quality tests completed each month measuring the physical and chemical parameters of San Bernard at two locations.
––Friends of the River San Bernard Board of Directors
Who Left by Helicopter???
Posted on Oct 13th, 2019 Comments (0)
Even though the newspaper headline read, "Person Rescued From Boat On San Bernard" the story said that a Air Station Houston helicopter crew lowered a rescue swimmer and dewatering pump to a 46-foot cabin cruiser, aground about a quarter-mile from the mouth of the San Bernard. The boat operator left the scene by helicopter. 
In reality the person was rescued from a  boat aground in the Gulf of Mexico about 100 yards from the mouth, not actually on the San Bernard. FOR roving reporter Bob Bailey took these photos and said, "if the mouth had been open the boat would have made it".
The article reported that the owner of the boat waded safely to shore which is pretty much the case anywhere around the mouth!  It's so shallow, the biggest danger is probably stepping on something sharp.
October Water Quality Test on San Bernard
Posted on Oct 11th, 2019 Comments (0)
H-GAC Texas Stream Team volunteers Valroy Maudlin and Tim Logan, using a test kit, measure the physical and chemical parameters of San Bernard River at two locations. Valroy tests off his pier at CR 496, 1.6 miles upstream from the Churchill BridgeTim tests off his dock at Rio Vista, 4.5 miles downstream from the Churchill Bridge. Both tests are done within a day or so of each other.
The test reports the pH level, salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and turbidity of the water. Two forms are shown for comparison as the data collected from the two locations can vary.
A new addition will soon be joining the FOR team of water quality testers. As soon as Denise Wolever completes the final training session with her Texas Stream Team Partner she will begin testing on the river.  Welcome aboard!
Annual Fundraiser Held Oct 5th
Posted on Oct 7th, 2019 Comments (0)
See all Tom Folger photos at folgerstudios.com
A pink plasticus flamingus, this year’s fundraiser theme, poses as President Kirk Wardlaw walks under the sponsor signs hanging at the FOR Community Center pavilion.
It was a hot time as friends and flamingos gathered at the river for the annual Friends of the River San Bernard “Escape to the Tropics” fundraiser, Sat Oct 5th. Because of all the generous sponsors and Phillips 66's $10,000 donation and Chevron Phillips Chemical Company $5,000 donation, FOR can continue their programs planned for this coming year.   See Sponsor List.   See Sponsor Ads
Nowhere else but at the FOR “Escape to the Tropics” fundraiser do you get a chance to enjoy a traveling bartender carrying a backpack dispenser serving up shots of Caribbean Rum or Punch to willing participants.
Backpacker Chris Goodson dispensed 
the first shot to Linda Wright, FOR Director. The bird on her hat acts interested also. Suzanne Goodson, Auction Chair, waits in line.
Also making a statement at the fundraiser was a pineapple tree centerpiece with an adorable fruit monkey clinging to its side created by Cathy McDonald and Kenleigh Head.
<< Is  this a flamingo dressed as a human or a human dressed as a flamingo? One of them is Sheila Wardlaw and the other Brenda Goolsby. Only a dedicated bird watcher can tell the difference but maybe Mickey Goolsby knows…or is he too busy trying to win the gun raffle. In the photo above, Mickey reaches into the  bag fulll of raffle cards held by FOR Director and Gun Raffle Chair Gary Kersh. Looking on is Auction assistant DeDe Truitt  and Lonnie Truitt. Winners of the Gun Raffle are Fred Kanter and Don Wardlaw.
Island girl Madeline stands in front of colorful tropical art designed by Dana Hillis. A few of the hundred plasticus flamingus that dropped in to join the fundraiser can be seen loitering in the background.
Helping with the live auction was Miss Lilly, who’s practicing to replace Vanna White someday.
Pct 4 County Commissioner Grandpa David Linder holds another “model” granddaughter.
The “Decorating Divas”, chaired by Ange Ronayne, center, sitting just above the flamingo, picked the theme of the fundraiser this year and coordinated the decorating of the Community Center Pavilion and table decorations. Anyone can participate in this fun volunteer group, and if you do, maybe you’ll get to wear the flamingo costume next.
When the lid is removed from this table’s center cut-out hole, diners can toss in their left-over pieces of crawfish, chicken, crab, oysters or beer cans without losing any valuable noshing time by getting up to throw in a trash can.
Auctioneer Bubba (Darron) Whitton fast-talks the bid for the auction item table. Winning bidder was Doug Finlayson and was donated by State Rep Dennis Bonnen.
This “Escape to the Tropics” decorative beach signpost was made by Ken Wright. It shows the distance to the San Bernard River as .00 miles while Tonga is 5,700 miles away.
The sun sets on another successful FOR "Escape to the Tropics" fundraiser and the event sign says it all!
Past Web Articles
Posted on Apr 3rd, 2013 Comments (1)
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