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"Current News" Newsletter is Here
Posted on Sep 21st, 2018 Comments (0)
If you registered on this website with your complete mailing address, you will have (probably) received the latest issue of the FOR “Current News” newsletter by snail mail. It contains in-depth details of the upcoming "Party in ParrotDise" fundraiser. Plus there's a couple FOR committee reports, the President's Message and what's happening on the river. READ old issues of "Current News".
Birding Program Held
Posted on Sep 17th, 2018 Comments (0)
A small, but interested group of bird lovers, flocked to FOR Environmental Committee’s fifth public education program “Birds of the Bernard & More” on Sat Sep 15th at the FOR Community Center.
Snowy Egrets are all white with a black bill, black legs, and yellow feet.
Photos shown at the Sep 15th program.
Northern Shoveler has a bill that is twice as wide at the tip than it is at the base. That's why Northern Shovelers are also called “spoonbills”.
With those pretty pink wings and its spooned-shaped bill, this can only be a Roseate Spoonbill.
Tom Morris, photographer with Gulf Coast Bird Observatory, presented a slide show of 45 bird species, ranging from the Anahinga to the Yellow-crowned Night-Hawk, all found in and around the San Bernard River  area. He included little known characteristics of each species that made for an interesting program.
Emma Shelly, Education & Outreach Manager with Gulf Coast Bird Observatory gave an overview of the organization. GCBO partners with agencies, groups, individuals and organizations from North, Central and South America to accomplish their goals across America. They are located at 299 Hwy 332 West, LJ, next to the Girl Scout building. Learn more  at www.gcbo.org.
Hint for clearing your bird feeders of squirrels: With a bird app, such as iBird Pro, loaded on your smart phone, walk near the feeder and play the Red-shouldered Hawk bird call. Watch 'em scramble! 
September Water Quality Test on San Bernard
Posted on Sep 15th, 2018 Comments (0)
H-GAC Texas Stream Team volunteers Valroy Maudlin and Tim Logan, using a test kit, measure the physical and chemical parameters of San Bernard River at two locations. Valroy tests off his pier at CR 496, 1.6 miles upstream from the Churchill BridgeTim Logan tests off his dock at Rio Vista, 4.5 miles downstream from the Churchill Bridge. Both tests are done on the same day at the same time each month.
The test reports the pH level, salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and turbidity of the water. On March 2017, a bacterium enteroccocus test was added, conducted through a partnership with Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF). 
Two forms are shown for comparison as the data collected from the two locations can vary.
New San Bernard River Hydrograph - Update
Posted on Sep 14th, 2018 Comments (0)
14Sep18 ‘What’s Comin’ Down River” Flow Report:
Very little accumulation upriver and very little coming down from Boling. Velocity at the Old Ocean gauge (Hwy 35) is only 0.3 ft/sec. and dropped to zero at high tide. The high river levels we're seeing are almost entirely due to high tides. Unless we get significant rain today, what you see now is all we're going to see from this week's rains.
11Sep18: The three gauges above the Old Ocean gauge (Hwy 35 and San Bernard) all draw smooth curved graphs while the Old Ocean graph is "wiggly." That gauge is the only one influenced by several tidal changes each day and will always be wiggly, sometimes by as much as two feet.
If you’ve ever clicked on the “NOAA Hydrological Prediction Service” link for San Bernard River flood information (permanently shown at the bottom of this page), then you know three gauges were listed - East Bernard, Boling and Sweeny.
A new link has been furnished with five different locations you can now monitor upstream stages of the river, courtesy of Katie Landry-Guyton, Senior Service Hydrologist, National Weather Service. And thanks to FOR Director Bob Bailey for the suggestion.
The five are Chesterville, East Bernard, Boling, Old Ocean and Sweeny. The Sweeny location is the Phillips 66 terminal on the river and forecasts were issued as needed during high water, but were not routinely available. The Sweeny gauge will be eliminated sometime in the future.
The NOAA link will permanently appear at the bottom of the home page replacing the old link.
Be sure and attend the FOR Annual Meeting and Election of Directors, Sat Sep 22nd, 4:00 - 6:00 pm, Dido’s Restaurant. Katie Landry-Guyton will be speaking and give an update on new flood gauge level alerts.
Also speaking at the meeting are Brazoria County Commissioners Dude Payne and David Linder and Project Manager Christopher Sallese, Dannenbaum Engineering. They  will give an update of reopening the mouth. Also, a representative from the Brazoria Tax Office will discuss how not to become a victim of deed forgery and lose your property.
Everyone's invited to attend!
Party in ParrotDise Sponsors
Posted on Sep 13th, 2018 Comments (0)
  • Remember, all “Party in ParrotDise” sponsors that contribute $300 or more get an ad on the Sponsor Page.
  • All sponsors (to date) are listed on the Fundraiser page.
  • Purchase tickets online
  • Don't miss "Party in ParrotDise", Sat Oct 6th, 6 pm, FOR Community Center pavilion
Mouth - September 8, 2018
Posted on Sep 11th, 2018 Comments (0)
The east "beach" of the San Bernard continues its westward movement across the mouth. 
The  west side of the river collects sand and silt from the Brazos and pushes out toward the Gulf.
Water, from the recent rains, flows over the very shallow opening, too shallow for boat traffic!
On August 4th, Commissioner David Linder announced at the FOR hosted Breakfast on the Bernard, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) should get funded to dredge open the mouth by the fourth quarter of this year and unless there are unforeseen events, dredging should start the first part of next year (2019)
Photos A.G. "Bert" Smith 9-8-18
Cars park along the far west end of Bryan Beach next to the mouth of the Brazos River. After entering Bryan Beach on Quintana island, turn right and drive (4WD) as far as you can till the water stops you! You've arrived!
Past Web Articles
Posted on Apr 3rd, 2013 Comments (1)
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