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Seen on the River: M/V Nova H Louis
Posted on Jul 16th, 2016 Comments (0)
The towboat M/V Nova H. Louis was seen recently pushing barges to and from the Phillips 66 terminal facility on the San Bernard, located a mile and a half downstream from the FM 522 Black Ferry Bridge.
The towboat is owned by the American Commercial Barge Line, Jefferson, Indiana. The company began in 1915 as a coal moving business on the Kentucky River and now has a fleet of 4,800 barges powered by 200 towboats. 
A two-letter river code system is used by the barge transportation industry to identify rivers, canals and river segments including the mile marker number for location on the waterway…so, the river code for the "FOR World Headquarters" would be SB15.
July Meeting Reports
Posted on Jul 15th, 2016 Comments (0)
These reports are a way to let the public know what FOR’s been up to. It’s also a way that someone can determine if there is any way they’d like to get involved in things. Please contact FOR if you are interested. Select Volunteer on the CONTACT US drop-down list.
  • Jul 2, Breakfast on the Bernard, Dido's Restaurant
Twenty-six friends of the river attended the regular first-Saturday-of-the-month FOR hosted Breakfast on the Bernard where anyone who is friend of the river is invited. After a great breakfast and coffee, the river talk flowed until 10:00 a.m.
  • Jul 12, Army Corps of Engineers Galveston District Public Scoping Mtg, West Columbia Civic Center
FOR Directors Bob Bailey, Tom Ronayne, Valroy Maudlin, Linda Wright and Fred Kanter, plus a group of interested river residents attended the meeting concerning the Brazos floodgates and the locks on the Colorado to express concern about the mouth of the San Bernard being affected by what happens at the Brazos floodgates. FOR has sent a letter of concern to USACE.
Texas Coastal Photos
Posted on Jul 14th, 2016 Comments (0)
Pilot photographer Bert Smith took photos of the Texas coastal area on July 12, 2016. Numbers indicate the locations of the photos. The blue line indicates the San Bernard River. The Intracoastal Waterway intersects the river just above number 3.
PHOTO #1: Ernie’s Acres located off of CR 2918 on the west side of the San Bernard River. It was started sometime in the 1970s. The oblong brown patch is the recently mowed field behind Floyd Randolph’s barn. 
PHOTO #2: Cedar Lakes is a series of lakes just south of the ICWW. It is closed to the Gulf of Mexico.
PHOTO #3:  The old channel of the San Bernard where it migrated to the west after the original mouth had closed. 
PHOTO #4: Redfish Cut is a breach into the Wolf Island estuary on the southeast corner of Wolf Island. The island is bounded on the west by the San Bernard River, on the north the ICWW, the east is the Brazos River flowing between the East and West Flood Gates, and the Gulf of Mexico on the south.
PHOTO #5: The mouth of the Brazos River emptying into the Gulf. To the left of the river is Wolf Island pictured in photo # 4.
Colonial Americans Watch July Fourth Boat Parade
Posted on Jul 11th, 2016 Comments (0)
Photo: Tom Folger,
A legendary group of Colonial American characters was seen gathered on Mike and Barb Pudlo’s boat deck watching this year’s July Fourth Boat Parade. Three years ago, historical folks started showing up at their home to watch the parade. First it was George and Martha, then others appeared over the next couple of years and now there is this impressive group.
Starting from the left is Benjamin Franklin, portrayed by Andrew Pudlo, who said “a penny saved is a penny earned”, which is an interesting quote for a man whose face is now on the hundred dollar bill.
Standing next to him is wife, Deborah Read Franklin, portrayed by Elizabeth Pudio, who married Ben in 1730 after her first husband left her and Ben had returned from England where he had fled a few years earlier when Deborah started pressing him to get married. Some things never change.
The first US president, 1789 -1797, George Washington, portrayed by Mike Pudlo, stands next to his wife, Martha Dandridge Custis Washington, portrayed by Barb Pudlo. Martha actually stood five feet tall and was round as a tub while George stood an imposing six feet two inches tall and straight as a rod. Love is blind!
A young Betsy Ross, portrayed by Olivia Pudlo, was believed to have been asked by George Washington to help design and sew the first American flag that’s displayed on the right. Although any number of flag makers in Philadelphia at that time may have sewn it, the early flag design with 13 stars in a circle is commonly dubbed “the Betsy Ross flag.”
Paul Revere, portrayed by Caleb Pudlo, rode through the streets from Boston to Lexington, Massachusetts on April 18th, 1775, yelling “The British are coming, the British are coming!”, but upon seeing the red, white and blue decorated boats approaching, yelled “The boats are coming, the boats are coming!”
Peeking over the top of the railing is Avery Pudlo, portrayed by Avery Pudlo. In Colonial times it was considered a sin to be lazy. For girls, education came second to their training in household duties like weeding the garden, washing dishes, feeding the chickens, sweeping the floor, cooking, knitting, and spinning (wheel) –– that doesn’t mean a stationary bike.
Last, but not least, is Major Benjamin Tallmadge, head of Washington's secret service (spy network). A Yale graduate, his initiative after the capture of British spy John Andre, led to the revelation of Benedict Arnold's treachery to surrender West Point to the British. Tallmadge was a Dragoon who saw action from Long Island to Monmouth before taking over Washington's secret service from 1778 to 1783. (Note: Tallmadge is now on TV as a major character in the AMC Network series “TURN: Washington’s Spies.)
Prairie Chickens Were Doing the Backstroke
Posted on Jul 9th, 2016 Comments (0)
During last April’s overwhelming rains, the upper San Bernard watershed was inundated with water where the Attwater Prairie Chicken National Wildlife Refuge is located just west of the San Bernard River, 6.5 miles from Eagle Lake on FM 3013.
Here is a description of the rain event from their July 2016 newsletter “The Boomer ” ...At the refuge, it began raining at approximately 5:00 Saturday afternoon, and continued raining off and on for most of the next week. We received over 5 inches on April 18th alone – tax day. From Saturday through the following Thursday, 7.98 inches fell near the refuge headquarters. However, that was nothing compared to the deluge received up-drainage from us. Industry in Austin County, and near the head waters of the San Bernard River, received 16.31 inches during that period, and 12+ inches on tax day alone.” 
Back issues of their newsletters can be found archived on their publications page.
Past Web Articles
Posted on Apr 3rd, 2013 Comments (1)
To view past web articles, click on "View Archives" on the right  >>>>>>


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