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Save the Date Newspaper Ad
Posted on Aug 17th, 2017 Comments (0)
Check out our fundraiser ad in the August 12 issue of THE BRAZORIA COUNTY NEWS, page 12
Saturday Oct 7, 2017
6:00 pm
Party in ParrotDise (link to fundraiser pager)
Friends of the River San Bernard
Annual Fundraiser
FOR Community Center - one mile south of FM 521 bridge
  • Donate an auction item, call: Suzanne Goodson 832.866.3185, email: sgoodson38@hotmail.com
  • Receive (download) a Sponsor Packet
  • Order Tickets - Early Parrot (bird) Special $20, night of the event at the door $25, (download) order form or call Brett McManus 713.206.5899
August Water Quality Test on San Bernard
Posted on Aug 11th, 2017 Comments (0)
August Forms:
H-GAC Texas Stream Team volunteers Valroy Maudlin and Tim Logan, using a test kit, measure the physical and chemical parameters of San Bernard River at two locations along the river. Valroy tests off his pier at CR 496, 1.6 miles upstream from the Churchill Bridge. Tim Logan tests off his dock at Rio Vista, 4.5 miles downstream from the Churchill Bridge. Both tests are done on the same day at the same time each month.
The test reports the pH level, salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen and turbidity of the water. In March of this year, a bacterium enteroccocus test was added, conducted through a partnership with Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF)
Starting now, both Valroy’s and Tim’s “Water Quality Monitoring Forms” will be shown for comparison as the data collected from the two locations can vary.
FOR citizen scientist Tom Ronayne measures the depth of the water at the  Phillip's 66 dam on days when testing and sampling for bacteria is done at two locations further down the river. Rainstorm runoff and bacteria levels in the river are thought to be related, so these measurements are a rudimentary way of knowing the amount of runoff on the days bacteria is sampled.
It Doesn’t Always Pay to be a Good Samaritan
Posted on Aug 9th, 2017 Comments (0)
An act of kindness didn’t pay off so well for this Good Samaritan, a local resident of the San Bernard River. She was driving to work on CR 496, better known as Pickett Lane that eventually hooks up to FM 2611 just east of the Churchill Bridge, when a woman standing on the side of the road waved and signaled for the resident to stop. Thinking she needed help, the resident stopped. The hitchhiker had blond hair, was wearing a tank top and shorts and sported a tattoo on her upper arm.
The woman said she needed a ride to the convenience store at the Churchill Bridge. She got into the car and buckled her seat belt, but on the way to the store, unbuckled it. The resident told her to buckle back up, which she did. When they arrived at the store, the woman got out of the car and acted like she knew someone in the parking lot, then went into the store.
The resident went on to work and discovered her phone had been stolen, probably when the hitchhiker had distracted her by unbuckling her seat belt. The resident called the Brazoria police who referred her to the Sheriff’s dept. It was found out later, the woman had hitched a ride with a couple in the store and had stolen their purse. 
The thief is still at large, so sometimes you need to think twice about being a Good Samaritan.
Adalia Maudlin, San Bernard River Resident
August Meeting Reports
Posted on Aug 2nd, 2017 Comments (0)
These reports are a way to let the public know what FOR’s been up to. It’s also a way that someone can determine if there is any way they’d like to get involved in things. Please contact FOR if you are interested.
  • Aug 1, H-GAC Brazos Colorado Coastal Basin Characterization Report, West Columbia Civic Center
FOR Director Valroy Maudlin and wife Adalia Maudlin and FOR Director Tom Ronayne attended the H-GAC presentation in West Columbia. The report summarized work that has been done to provide a big picture of the watershed located in between the Brazos and Colorado watersheds. It details the land uses, the stream segments that do not meet state water quality standards for contact recreation, possible sources of bacteria pollutants, and methods to address those sources. 
Of special interest to San Bernard residents and stakeholders, attendees were advised that the San Bernard Watershed Protection Plan (WPP) has finally been approved by the EPA. This will allow H-GAC, the Texas Soil and Water Conservation Board (Soil Board) and TCEQ to pursue grant money to implement the various recommendations in the WPP. The FOR representatives asked to be included in planning the WPP implementation process and were assured they would be.
  • Aug 5, Breakfast on the Bernard, Dido's Restaurant
Forty friends of the river attended the regular first-Saturday-of-the-month FOR hosted Breakfast on the Bernard where anyone who is a friend of the river is invited. After a great breakfast and coffee, people moved to the FOR Community Center to hear a fun and informative fishing program with speakers Tom Guffey and Ronnie Wingo.
Past Web Articles
Posted on Apr 3rd, 2013 Comments (1)
To view past web articles, click on "View Archives" on the right  >>>>>>


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