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FOR Board of Directors Election
Posted on Aug 31st, 2014 Comments (0)
Elections for Friends of the River San Bernard Board of Directors will be held Saturday, September 6th, 4:00 p.m. at Dido’s Restaurant on the river. Candidates listed below.
Speaker Susie Alford, President, CEO Berg Oliver will present a powerpoint presentation on environmental issues including the FOR San Bernard Supplemental Environmental Project (SEP) and opening of the mouth of the San Bernard. Public invited.
The FOR San Bernard Board of Directors is comprised of fifteen persons. A board member serves for three years. Each year, five positions on the board rotate off and their positions are up for public vote. One position this year is open for a one-year term due to a board member unable to finish her full three-year term. This year’s election will fill six vacating positions on the Board.
Only one family member at a time can serve on the board, or run for an open board position. Each board member may only serve two consecutive terms -  or a maximum of six years -  that member then must vacate the position for at least one year before being eligible for nomination to serve on the board for a third time.
Board candidates do not have to live on the river to be considered for election.  Candidates for election must, however, be interviewed and qualified by the Nominating Committee. The Nominating Committee is made up of the retiring members of the Board and whomever the board may appoint to serve on the Nominating Committee.

The Nominating Committee will contact the potential nominees for election to determine their individual capabilities, goals for the FOR San Bernard organization and willingness to fulfill the commitments and responsibilities of a board member.
Should fewer than six candidates be identified, the Board of Directors will ask the public to ratify the five candidates as members of the board at the September election meeting.
Each candidate will be given two minutes at the public meeting to introduce themselves and their goals to the public prior to voting. The order of names on the written ballot will be by random drawing.
Nominations will not be taken from the floor at the meeting, and write-in candidates will not be counted. Those persons obtaining the most votes will become board members.
This is your chance to get involved with your river. Come to the September 6th election and VOTE!
San Bernard River Clean-Up set for Sep 13th
Posted on Aug 31st, 2014 Comments (0)
San Bernard River Clean-up
  • Sat Sep 13, 2014
  • 9:00 - 2:00 pm
  • Hot Dog Social for participants follwing clean-up
  • Russell & Wana York 337 Lazy Oak Ranch
The Friends of the River (FOR) San Bernard annual River Clean-up will be held on Saturday, September 13th from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Boats and crew are needed to extract trash from the river and volunteers are needed to man the collection stations. 
Volunteers sign-in at one of the four trash collection stations located at
McNeill Bridge FM 521 boat ramp 
Churchill Bridge FM 2611 boat ramp 
River’s End FM 2918 boat ramp
Hanson Riverside County Park, Hwy 35, West Columbia.
Free tee shirts, water, and trash bags will be distributed at that time. Registration is not required.
Immediately following the clean-up, all participants are invited to attend a hot dog social at Russell and Wana York’s home, 337 Lazy Oak Ranch, on the San Bernard River.
Whether you have volunteered in the past or are new this year, FOR San Bernard hopes to see you on Saturday, Sept 13. It takes a team effort to keep the river clean and healthy.
Contact Russell York at 713-824-2312 or email at for additional information.
Be a Volunteer Helper at the FOR Fundraiser
Posted on Aug 28th, 2014 Comments (0)
If you VOLUNTEER to help at the FOR fundraiser “Escape to the Tropics” on Sat Oct 4th, you won’t be asked to do group hula lessons or blow in a conch shell or even join in a pineapple toss. Instead you will be asked (pick one) to help  set up the area, decorate, take tickets, help with the auction, oversee the food (it’s catered, no cooking), or whatever it takes to get it done. Some of this will happen the day before on Friday, Oct 3rd.
If you are brave enough to volunteer without a job description and join in the fun, yes, it can be fun, then select “Webmaster” on the drop down list on the Contact Us page. Tell us you are volunteering and FOR will send emails and details.
Volunteer and support FOR San Bernard. Keep it the best little river in Texas!

Go to the Fundraiser page for 2014 Sponsors and auction items
Fall 2014 Newsletter
Posted on Aug 24th, 2014 Comments (0)

If you are a savvy FOR website user and have registered your mailing address, then you should have received the Fall 2014 CURRENT NEWS newsletter via snail mail by now. If not, you can read it on the newsletter page of the website. Past newsletters are archived on that page also. 
Note: If you are not so savvy and have not registered on the website, look for REGISTER on the upper left of the home page and enter your complete mailing address.
2014 FOR Director Nominees
Posted on Aug 17th, 2014 Comments (0)
To date, eight friends of the river completed the Board of Directors nominee questionnaire and are running for election of one of the FOR six Board positions. Directors will be elected at the Saturday, September 6 FOR Annual Meeting, Dido's Restaurant, 4:00 pm. Be sure to attend the meeting and vote on the FOR Board of Directors. Meeting open to the public.
Nominees for 2014 FOR Board of Directors
FOR Directors meet the second Thursday of each month, 7:00 pm at the FOR Community Center. 
Marie Breakiron
I am a Registered Nurse Risk Manager and Patient Safety Officer, (Ret.).  From 2006 thru 2012 I served on the FOR Board of Directors in several capacities— Secretary, Vice President, President, and member of several Board Committees. Presently I am an active member of the FOR River Clean Up Team and Scholarship Committee. Since 2006 I have attended and helped with many FOR events.
My primary goals as a FOR Board member (if elected) are (1) to continue to support efforts to open the mouth of the SBR, (2) to continue to support FOR environmental projects and education programs, (3) to facilitate FOR sponsored public personal-water-safety and emergency education programs, and (4) to stay informed regarding any issues that might affect the quality of life on the San Bernard River.
Valroy Maudlin
I have a total of 8 years of involvement, including six as a Director, with FOR I also have been a Stream Team Monitor for four years and was a stake holder in the San Bernard Watershead Protection Plan. I have learned from those years that a real concern for the River is that improper use and improper development in any portion of the river can adversely affect the condition of the rest of river. 
I think we need to increase our involvement in programs such as the Watershead Protection Plan, Conservation Easements, and the River Rangers school education project. My goal for accomplishing that would be involvement of more members and a good start is the series of environmental educational programs. 
Mike Goodson
After living on the river for 20 years it is more important than ever to continue to promote and protect a clean enviroment for the San Bernard watershed.
Vicki Head
I love our beautiful river and would like to work with FOR to protect and insure safety and a clean river for future generations. I’ve been involved with the meetings to open the mouth and would like to continue toward that goal as well.
I’ve been chairman of the Logo Committee and we’ve had great new merchandise and gotten new folks involved. Plus we’ve been in charge of decorations for all FOR events.
One of our best projects was bringing the wounded soldiers to our river. And we’ve been in contact with Wounded Warriors to possibly bring another group.
I would consider it an honor and a privilege to serve on the FOR San Bernard Board.

Mike Redman
Photo Unavailable

I am a plant maintenance manager and have owned and operated a restaurant. I have  an electrical background and construction management. I hope I can be a help in whatever is needed.
Vanessa Taylor
I have been active on the San Bernard river since moving here 17 years ago.  I took over the Christmas boat parade 10 years ago and have been active in the other activities that FOR has organized.
Elena (BeBe) Berger

I am a board Certified Infectious Disease Practitioner, Director of Infection Prevention Department at the Woman’s Hospital of Texas in Houston Texas.  I have participated in 2011, 2012 and 2013 in FOR fund raising activities for the River Regatta. River Clean up and Parades. I have creativity and willingness to serve in various capacities and love this unique and enchanting river. I have served as a board member and past president for other organizations such as the Association of Professional Epidemiologists and Association of Microbiologists.

My goals as a board member would be:
1) Conduct a need assessment with River front owners to identify variety of ideas that could benefit organization.
2) Help promote the organization with the owners who currently do not participate in activities of FOR. 
3) Contribute to educational activities to prevent contamination and increase safety practices at the river.
4) Contribute to develop studies regarding the ever changing river marine local life.
Larry Stanley
My goal is to stay abreast of the issues in opening the mouth of the river both environmentally and economically. Preserving the environmental quality of the river for generations to come.
I have served on the Brazoria County Commissioners Court from 1998-2006 and from 2011- currently. I have served as liaison to the South Texas Regional Airport, Brazoria County Purchasing Department, the Environmental Health Department, Children’s Protection Service, the Brazoria County Engineering Department.
I am a lifelong resident of Brazoria County and was blessed to have lived on the river for 20 years and have utilized the river for recreation most of my life and plan on continuing to do so for rest of my life.
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