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A Historic Look Back: Hinkle's Ferry
Posted on Jul 22nd, 2017 Comments (0)
Hinkle's Ferry, Tx
Photo was taken in 1956 standing on Cobb’s Grocery Store side of the river looking east at Hinkle property and CR 310. The ferry was replaced by a bridge in 1958.
Photo Charlie Ogilvie
Near CR 310 on the San Bernard River was an old ferry crossing and the community of Hinkle’s Ferry. The namesake of the community was J. V. Hinkle, who ran the ferry and operated the general store in the mid - 1880s. The community's post office was established in 1877 and was discontinued in 1914. By 1896, the community had a population of thirty-five residents, a gristmill and cotton gin, several general stores, and a Methodist church. That year Hinkle's Ferry also had a school with one teacher and eleven students.
The former Cobb’s Grocery Store is now a private residence and the land on the east bank of the river is still Hinkle property.
John's Story
John (Jack) M. McLaren, 93, of Trinity, Texas passed away on August 4, 2013. He was born on April 30, 1920 in Columbus, Ohio and moved to Texas as a three year old...As he requested, no services will be held, and his cremated remains will be scattered near his boyhood home on the San Bernard River near Hinkle’s Ferry, Texas.  ––Published August 12, 2013 in “The Huntsville Item" newspaper
Fishing on the San Bernard
Posted on Jul 20th, 2017 Comments (0)
One of a series of Environmental Subjects presented by FOR Environmental Committee
Saturday August 5, 2017 
10:00 am - Noon
FOR Community Center 
20450 CR 510-B
Itching to wet a line on the river, then spend two hours hearing fishing tips, techniques and “mostly true” tales of fishing on the San Bernard. Whether you’re an experienced fisherman or thinking about trying your hand for the first time, you’ll enjoy this event. Meet your fellow anglers and maybe learn something you never knew about the river. Here’s the best part, it’s FREE
  •  “Let’s Talk Fishing”– Local fishing expert Tom Guffey has extensive fishing experience from Matagorda to Sargent since the 1960's but the San Bernard is his "go to" spot. He’ll show photos of fish you wish you had caught.
  • “Tacklin’ Fishing”Ronnie Wingo has lived and fished on the San Bernard his whole life. He has special fishing spots and makes his own lures. 
A Historic Look Back: The San Bernard Schooner
Posted on Jul 17th, 2017 Comments (0)
The namesake of the two-masted schooner San Bernard, as you might guess, is the San Bernard River. The vessel was part of the Second Texas Navy (1838) flotilla of schooners that helped Texas win independence by preventing a Mexican blockade of the Texas coast, seizing Mexican ships carrying reinforcements and supplies to its army, and sending their cargoes to the Texas volunteer army. 
The San Bernard arrived at her homeport of Galveston in September 1839. The following June of 1840, she sailed with the rest of the flotilla under the command of Commodore Edwin W. Moore. After a season of patrolling off the Texas coast to intercept smugglers and to engage in surveys and cartography, the San Bernard delivered Texas agent James Webb to Veracruz, arriving in May of 1841. Refused landing rights by port officials the San Bernard remained off the coast of Veracruz until the end of June and then sailed for the Yucatan.
While crossing the Bay of Campeche, her topmast was carried away and she was compelled to return to Galveston, reaching port in June 1841. She set sail again for the Yucatan in December 1841. For the next couple of months, she participated in the capture of three Mexican merchant vessels. The San Bernard was ordered back to Galveston to deliver dispatches and reports. The San Bernard did not return to Commodore Moore and the rest of the Texas fleet until April 1842.
At the end of this cruise the San Bernard returned to Galveston in early September. The ship was badly worm-eaten. Despite authorization to have her repaired in New Orleans, no funds were provided to pay for the work by the Minister of War and Marine. Later that month, the San Bernard was driven ashore by a gale, and lacking the $500 required to refloat her and have her repaired she became a deserted hulk in Galveston harbor.
When Texas joined the United States in 1846, the San Bernard was transferred to the United States Navy and then sold “as unfit for service” for $150.
 A crew of 82 members was employed on the San Bernard schooner. The vessel measured 66 ft long, with a beam of 21 ft and a draft of 8 ft. She carried an armament of four 12-pounder medium guns and one 9-pounder long pivot gun.
July Meeting Reports
Posted on Jul 16th, 2017 Comments (0)
These reports are a way to let the public know what FOR’s been up to. It’s also a way that someone can determine if there is any way they’d like to get involved in things. Please contact FOR if you are interested.
  • July 11, Watershed Steward Workshop, Brazoria County Fairgrounds, Angleton
FOR Directors Valroy Maudlin and Tom Ronayne attended Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service's Texas Watershed Steward Program on Tuesday, July 11 at the Brazoria County Fairgrounds Education Building. The program is designed to improve the quality of Texas' water resources by educating and informing local stakeholders about their watershed, potential impairments, and steps that can be taken to help improve and protect their watershed. Tuesday's program focused on the San Bernard River and Bastrop Bayou watersheds.
July Water Quality Test on the San Bernard
Posted on Jul 15th, 2017 Comments (0)
Citizen scientists, Valroy Mauldin, FOR Director and Tim Logan, FOR Evironmental Team Leader, take water samples each month for the Texas Stream Team program. The test reports the pH level, salinity, temperature, dissolved oxygen, turbidity and a recently added bacterium enteroccocus test conducted through a partnership with Galveston Bay Foundation (GBF).
July Field Observation Note: Sample date 7-11-17
Flow upstream extremely slow. Flow over salt water dam 1.5”.
Enterococci analyzed by GBF 21 MPN, 13.46 GM
FOR Attends Commissioners' Court
Posted on Jul 12th, 2017 Comments (0)
Friends of the River San Bernard stand with Brazoria County Judge Matt Sebesta and Commissioners Stacy Adams, David Linder, Dude Payne and Ryan Cade at Commissioners Court on Tuesday, July 11, 2017. FOR was recognized for its $10,000 donation to Hanson Riverside County Park for lighting and security camera improvements. Brazoria County Parks Director, Brian Frazier, stands to the far right.
Christmas in July
Posted on Jul 8th, 2017 Comments (0)
Make the San Bernard unique this Holiday Season - display vintage commercial-size decorations on your boat house
POINSETTIA - 5 ft tall x 4.75 ft wide
SNOWFLAKE - 5 ft tall x 4.74 ft wide
SOCK - 6 ft tall x 3 ft wide
TREE - 7 ft tall x 6 ft wide
Here’s a chance to buy vintage commercial-size decorations that need some sprucing up. These have been used as small town pole decorations and are now looking for a new home on the river. Some of the light bulbs may or may not work and will need new lights. The decorations have metal holders on the back that slip into a metal bracket that attaches to your boat house with two bolts and then are plugged into an electrical outlet. They are meant to be viewed on both sides and will only work on water-front boat houses or locations where they can be seen traveling up and down the river.
You can buy “as is” and replace the lighting yourself or you can buy rewired with traditional (non-LED) clear C9 bulbs. The price list indicates “as is” or rewired versions.
It takes two strings of 25 C-9 bulbs for the poinsettia and snowflake. The two larger decorations take three strings of 25 C-9 bulbs. 
To place an order call Vicki at 979-429-0404. These decorations are for San Bernard River waterfront residences only.
PRICE LIST          As Is         Rewired
POINSETTIA          $35              $70 
SNOWFLAKE          $35             $70
TREE                     $50             $100
SOCK                    $50             $100
BRACKET            Included      Included
Past Web Articles
Posted on Apr 3rd, 2013 Comments (1)
To view past web articles, click on "View Archives" on the right  >>>>>>


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