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She Was Called a Lot of Names
Posted on Jul 27th, 2015 Comments (0)
M/V Miss Geri, the towboat that's been escorting the M/V Grady L. Settoon who's pushing shipments of Chevron Chemical Co. polyethene equipment upriver, has been called a lot of names in her history. Some that make her sound like a transgender vessel.
Built in 1971, she started out as the Ritchie Shaner and was owned by Shaner Towing, Galliano, LA. Four year later, June, 1975, she was sold to Guidry Bros. Marine Transport and renamed Angela M. Guidry. Then renamed Miss Mildred M in February, 1977 when sold to M & M Towing Co., Pearl River, LA.  In June, 2007, her name was changed to Miss Calli Rose when sold to Daigle Towing Service, Belle Chasse, LA. She returned to a more masculine Capt. Vince in December, 2008 and two years later, the Alva Dupree in December, 2010, while owned by T & R Tugs, Houma, LA. Last but not least, on March, 2012, she became the Miss Geri and is owned by Dupell Marine, Houma, LA.
Photo: Linda Wright
M/V Miss Geri leading the way on the river.
Miss Geri is slightly shorter, shallower and less tonnage than the average towing vessel. Sounds as if that makes her the perfect “escort” service.
July Water Quality Test on the San Bernard
Posted on Jul 26th, 2015 Comments (0)
Valroy Mauldin, FOR Director and citizen scientist monitor takes water samples each month midway between the FM 521 bridge and the FM 2611 bridge for the Texas Stream Team program. 
"Measurements, Comments and Field Observations" for July: Conductivity (salinity measurement) has increased slightly from last month. It is still low but we will recover from the rains. The water is also still turbid but is getting better. Did see two crabs in the water today  >View July's report   >View past year's reports
Bird’s-eye-view of the River
Posted on Jul 24th, 2015 Comments (0)
An epic shot has taken the San Bernard River to new heights this morning, Friday, July 24, by Tom Folger using a camera mounted remotely controlled drone. The area shown is between the FM 521 bridge and the railroad swing bridge. Towboats are the M/V Grady L. Settoon doing the pushing and the M/V Miss Geri doing the escorting.
Progressive Dinner Held on Saturday
Posted on Jul 21st, 2015 Comments (0)
"It was worth the wait!" After two postponements for river and/or weather conditions, those were the sentiments of, left, George and Trish Franklin, Carol McKinney, Vicki Melass, Spike McKinney and Corky Melass as they enjoyed the Sweeny side Progressive Dinner aboard Wana and Russell York's party barge water taxi.

A popular auction item at the FOR SB fundraiser held annually in October is the “Progressive Dinner on the San Bernard” where three couples are treated to a four-course meal at four different homes located along the river. Besides the wonderful food and libations, served by great hosts, it includes a scenic river trip as they are delivered to the different houses by water taxi. 

Hosts Sherrie and Tom Folger, Barb and Mike Pudlo, and Vanessa and Nelson Taylor shared their homes and three fantastic spreads of appetizers, soup and salad, and snapper with sides. As a finale to the dinner, a flaming dessert was served aboard the party barge by Ange and Tom Ronayne.  

Thanks again to the hosts and all their helpers (John and Jane Wallace, Gera Martin, Tarryn Eddy, Vicki and Wayne Head, and Folger’s friend Sissy) for a job well done, and thanks to the guests for their support of Friends of the River.
At the end of the evening, when Capt'n Russell York returned the dinner guests back to the starting spot, they were overheard making plans to bid on the Progressive Dinner auction item again at the Friends of the River SB fundraiser "Escape to the Tropics LuWow" held this October 3rd
Fundraiser tickets now available. See below.
River Advisory - Barge Traffic
Posted on Jul 20th, 2015 Comments (0)
River Advisory: The first of five loads of Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. polyethylene equipment is scheduled to start July 15th or 16th. The barges carrying the gigantic equipment travel from Port Freeport to the San Bernard via the ICW. They will then be inbound on the river to the Pierce Landing ramp, located a quarter mile below the FM 522 bridge, where the equipment will be offloaded. The shipments will continue every 3 to 4 days apart until completed near the end of July.
July 23, 2015
  Photo: Mike Goodson
Here comes another doozy seen this afternoon, Thursday, July 23. It takes a professional crew to move the load without mishap. They snugged up on the west bank for the night, just below the FM 521 bridge. Exercise caution when approaching. This is load three of five scheduled loads of Chevron Phillips Chemical equipment.
July 20, 2015
  Photo: Mike Goodson
Another Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. shipment, shown here tied up at the barge mooring about five miles upstream from the ICW on Sunday, is headed upriver today, Monday, July 20. This bad boy pressure vessel looks more like a spacecraft headed for a launch pad at a spaceport rather than a piece of refinery equipment headed for Old Ocean.
July 16, 2015
  Photo: Mike Goodson
The M/V Grady L. Settoon pushes a barge upriver loaded with a huge pressure vessel that’s heading to the Chevron Phillips Chemical Co. polyethylene facility expansion in Old Ocean. M/V Miss Geri, rounding the curve ahead of the barge, provides the escort service.
Photo: Linda Wright
Showing the scale of the load being pushed, the arrow points to the speck that’s the captain of the M/V Grady L. Settoon. He is standing outside the wheel house on the deck. Question... so who’s at the helm?
Photo: Linda Wright
This photo shows why the loaded barge has an escort. Recreational boaters exercise caution, chances are you can see him but he can't see you
A Well Educated Program Held
Posted on Jul 19th, 2015 Comments (0)
Barbara Fratila, FOR Environmental Chairman, center, stands with Saturday's program speakers Texas A&M AgrLife Extension Service Diane Boellstorff and Drew Gholson.
 A fact-filled two-hour program on “Get (Water) Well Educated” was held on Saturday, July 18, 2015 at the FOR Community Center. The program was the fifth in a series of six educational programs held this year hosted by Friends of the River San Bernard Environmental Committee
Speakers  were Drew Gholson, Extension Program Specialist, Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service, who coordinates the Texas Well Owner Network, an extension program that aims to improve the water quality and health of Texans reliant on water wells and Diane Boellstorff, an Assistant Professor and Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Water Resource Specialist.
Everyone attending received an 85-page manual “Texas Well Owners Network - Well Owner’s Guide to Water Supply” that left no question unanswered about properly maintaining a well. 
Four coupons for free water testing at the Brazoria County Health Dept. Well Testing Lab, 409 E. Orange, Angleton were awarded as door prizes. Water lab FAQ’s sheet
Watch for one more FOR program on TXGLO permitting processes that involves building or adding to a bulkhead, dock, pier, deck, etc. on and around the San Bernard. Public invited. FREE!
FOR Receives Award of Merit
Posted on Jul 15th, 2015 Comments (0)
Friends of the River San Bernard received an Adopt-a-Highway award of merit from the Texas Department of Transportation "for outstanding effort and generous contribution of time and energy to maintain the beauty of Texas roadsides through dedicated voluntary participation in the Adopt-a-Highway Litter Prevention Program over the period of June 1, 2013 to May 31, 2015."
FOR San Bernard is responsible for picking up someone else's carelessly thrown trash from the roadside located a mile either side of the FM 2611 Churchill Bridge.
A BIG thanks to all the volunteers who helped and are responsible for this award and to 2014-15 Adopt-a-Highway chairman Brian Jones.
Early Bird Tickets Now on Sale
Posted on Jul 8th, 2015 Comments (0)
Buy your fundraiser event tickets now and save $5 a ticket!
Tickets are now available to the FOR San Bernard “Escape to the Tropics - Island LuWow”, Sat Oct 3rd. Get an early bird ticket price of $20 – save $5 a ticket. Ticket price the day of the event is $25. Price includes an island-style meal, auction, music and dancing. Limited number of tickets sold.
Your tickets will be available at the door in your name on the evening of the event. if you wish to receive a confirmation of ticket purchase include your email address with your check, otherwise, your cancelled check is your receipt.
Reserve your ticket(s) now by mailing your check (number of tickets X $20 each) to: 
Friends of the River San Bernard
PO Box 93,
Brazoria, Tx 77422
Buy your tickets now and save $5 a ticket! Mahalo (island thank you)
We’re going whole hog at the FOR LuWow
  • Roasted Kalua Pig
  • Island Chicken
  • Polynesian Rice 
  • Pineapple Sweet Sauce 
  • Hawaiian Candied Yams  
  • Outrigger Corn on Cob 
  • Homemade Rolls & Butter
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Posted on Apr 3rd, 2013 Comments (1)
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