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Update: San Bernard River Watershed Protection Plan
Posted on Sep 26th, 2010

Harry Anderson’s property, Wharton County, West Bernard Creek
The field behind Mr. Anderson’s house is currently fallow, but in the past there have been rice and cattle on the land. The rice is planted in March and harvested in August, the rice is in the ground 150 days, and is flooded for 90 days. The field has drop pipes that drain to the river.
Charles Boettcher’s property, Wharton County, West Bernard Creek
The area is about 40 acres and currently being grazed by cattle, runoff from the highway drains through the property and down to the creek. There is cross fencing on the property, but cattle still access the stream.
Kurt Hankin’s property, Brazoria County, main San Bernard River next to Boy Scout Camp Karanka
 This property is being used as pasture for horse and cattle with alternate water sources other than the river. The pasture is separated from the river by about 50 yards of riparian area.
The H-GAC (Houston-Galveston Area Council) staff toured three potential Best Management Practices (BMP) sites in July 2010. BMPs are conservation and land management practices that reduce or prevent movement of pollutants to surface and groundwater. Some examples of BMPs may include safe management of animal waste, control of pests and nutrients, contour farming, crop rotation, and vegetative buffers near streams.  Photos Courtesy: H-GAC
A fourth BMP inspection site is still being sought in an area with some possibly failing septic systems. A neighborhood setting with drainage ditches that could be monitored would be the best. Federal funding is available for malfunctioning OSSFs (On-Site Sewage Facility) septic systems. If you live on the San Bernard and have a suggestion for a site, contact Aubin Phillips at aubin.phillips@h-gac.com
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