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FOR Board of Nominees
Posted on Aug 28th, 2012

Elections for Friends of the River San Bernard Board of Directors will be held Saturday, September 8th, 5:00 p.m. at Dido’s Restaurant on the river. This year’s election will fill five vacating positions on the Board. Each candidate will be given two minutes at the public meeting to introduce themselves and their goals to the public prior to voting.  There will also be a update of the Mouth of the SBR, a brief overview of the Hanson Park plans and the 2012 River Regatta. Attend the September 8th election and vote! Open to the public.
2012 Nominating Committee: Nancy Kanter, Bob Bailey, Marie Breakiron
Emily Myers
I have lived on the San Bernard for 10 years. I have been actively involved in the breakfasts, river clean-ups as well as working the 2611 boat ramp clean team. I was also Chair of the original River Ranger committee in which we provided information and encouragement to kids in schools about our precious River. If elected, I am young and I have a lot of enthusiasm to share about my River.
Ana Pogue
We have lived full time on the River for thirteen years, prior to that we were "weekenders" for five. My husband and I decided we wanted to retire here; but then realized we did not have to wait for retirement after all!!! We have been involved with the river since before FOR was formed. I have volunteered for different committees, have attended and participated in the annual events each year. I am currently involved on the Logo Committee.
Tom Ronayne
My wife and I grew up in Borger in the Texas panhandle but didn't really meet until a year before I graduated from Texas Tech's Civil Engineering program. After two years in Port Neches, Tx, we moved to the Sweeny area in 1978 and I began a 31 year career with Phillips Petroleum Co.  Our three children were all born at Sweeny hospital and graduated from Sweeny High. We always loved being on or in the water, and quickly discovered the San Bernard. In 1989 we were lucky enough to find the prettiest 3 acres on the river (our opinion, anyway) and built a home there in '91. When the company offered us a transfer to Los Angeles in 2006, our now grown kids encouraged us to go for it, but cautioned, "Don't sell 'our' house". We didn't, keeping it rented until I retired 3 years ago and we came home to the river.
Linda Wright
My husband, Ken, and I purchased a weekend house on the San Bernard in 1987 to boat and water ski. Nine years later, we retired to that home to live full time on the river. Even now, after 25 years of watching and listening to the river, there is still plenty to learn from it. We are past owners of the Yellowstone Paddlerwheeler for five years that took passengers on trips up and down the river. I have been active in the FOR organization as the website webmaster for the past two and a half years, served on the FOR Ranger Committee participating in classroom presentations, involved in the planning stage of the FOR River Regatta fundraiser for three years, a past 2007-10 FOR Director, and have designed and produced much of FOR’s printed material.
George Zwicker
I have owned property on the river since 1981, built a house in 1989, and lived full-time on the river from 2007-2011. I taught my children water safety, fishing and boating on the river and even now as adults, they both visit the river whenever they can. As a member of the FOR Board of Directors since 2009, I am very active in the stewardship of the river: from picking up trash along the FOR section of roadway and during the river clean-ups, to serving on two committees outside of FOR to help raise awareness of the environmental issues we face as friends of the San Bernard River. Now retired, I can now spend even more time working to maintain and improve our wonderful river.
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