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Texas Coastal Photos
Posted on Jul 14th, 2016

Pilot photographer Bert Smith took photos of the Texas coastal area on July 12, 2016. Numbers indicate the locations of the photos. The blue line indicates the San Bernard River. The Intracoastal Waterway intersects the river just above number 3.
PHOTO #1: Ernie’s Acres located off of CR 2918 on the west side of the San Bernard River. It was started sometime in the 1970s. The oblong brown patch is the recently mowed field behind Floyd Randolph’s barn. 
PHOTO #2: Cedar Lakes is a series of lakes just south of the ICWW. It is closed to the Gulf of Mexico.
PHOTO #3:  The old channel of the San Bernard where it migrated to the west after the original mouth had closed. 
PHOTO #4: Redfish Cut is a breach into the Wolf Island estuary on the southeast corner of Wolf Island. The island is bounded on the west by the San Bernard River, on the north the ICWW, the east is the Brazos River flowing between the East and West Flood Gates, and the Gulf of Mexico on the south.
PHOTO #5: The mouth of the Brazos River emptying into the Gulf. To the left of the river is Wolf Island pictured in photo # 4.
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