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Trash Mash River Clean Up a Success
Posted on Jun 23rd, 2019

Saturday, June 22nd, arrived with perfect conditions for the long anticipated San Bernard River trash cleanup. Overcast skies and a nice breeze made for a comfortable morning to be out working on our river. FOR organizers, volunteers, friends and neighbors dispersed along 30 miles of waterway and began gathering trash trying to blend into the shoreline. But our 'Trash Mash' team spotted those carelessly discarded items and quickly began filling boats. Within a few hours the crews converged on the collection points to offload their haul. Volunteers working the docks completely stuffed the county provided dumpster.
At noon, friends and neighbors gathered in the shade to enjoy the gulf breeze, cold refreshments, brats and hot dogs. The trash talk was pleasant, and the sentiment was 'when can we do this again'. All in all, this was a good day to spend with folks working to restore the natural beauty of the San Bernard River.”
––Tim Logan, Chairman, Trash Mash Committee
Dumpster at Churchill Bridge collection site. 
This filled dumpster at the Churchill bridge, that did not include the trash piled up at two other collection sites, is a great indication of a successful TRASH MASH river clean up.
Three crews of volunteers manned the sites and helped unload trash brought by boat and car. Items seen were plastic shipping boxes, landscaping tubs, bottles, buckets, tires, fish cage, 50 gallon trash cans, dock owl, plastic chairs, 55 gallon plastic drums, a refrigerator, towboat ropes, plus numerous plastic odds and ends,
At the FM 521 Bridge collection site, Storm (Taylor), a black Labrador, assisted in the clean up by carrying a piece of debris to the trash pile.
This was the start of the trash pile at Hansen Riverside County Park collection site. Added to the pile was a fridge, TV, and tires and transported to the Churchill Bridge dumpster .
The  Hansen Park cleanup crew was l to r:  Clay Funk, Tom Ronayne, Connie Funk, Carla Curtis (front), Evin Hammond (rear), Clayton Curtis, Stacey Gonzalez, Emily Wiener, Doug Dunham, Lynette Nagler, Cole Nagler, Pat Nagler. Not shown: Ange Ronayne (photographer), Sarah, Corinne and Gavin Luna.
The crew working at FM 521 Bridge was Nelson Taylor, Samantha Murray, Sherrie Folger, granddaughter McKenzie Davenport and Vanessa Taylor and, of course, Storm the Lab.
This crew of volunteers manned the collection site at Churchill Bridge was Valroy Maudlin, Ken Wright (brought trash), Denise Wolever, Fred Kanter Susan Bailey,  Anthony Wade Shapley, and Wayne Head.
Jack Muskopf and crew Tim Logan, pulled into the docks at Churchill Bridge with a boat load of river trash. The Churchill Bridge volunteers stand ready to help unload.
Samatha Hill and crew, behind the kids, is Emily Lindsey and Josh Hill. In front is Levi Hill, Nathan Hill and Nichole Hill. Shyly peeking between the two kids is Emily’s daughter. An impressive amount of trash, collected from the River’s End area, was unloaded into the dumpster.
Thanks to Brian Meagher and his family for providing and cooking the food and drinks at the Hot Dog Social that 
immediately followed the cleanup.
Thanks to Brazoria County Parks and Recreation Department who had graded the majority of the mud from the boat ramps at FM 2611, FM 521 and Hansen Park boat ramps that had accumulated from the recent flood.
Thanks to Brazoria County for donating trash dumpster and picking up collected trash at FM 521 boat ramp.
Thanks to all who contributed in some form to the success of this TRASH MASH event. By collecting trash along the river, it contributed, even if in a small way, to keeping it from getting into the Gulf of Mexico and the greater oceans of the world.
Kirk Wardlaw, with the help of crew Don Wardlaw and Jim Hillis, lassoed a wayward refrigerator and towed it to the Churchill Bridge. A group of determined volunteers managed to drag the dead weight to the dumpster with some help from a Ford pickup.
Jim Cooper and crew Allen Wardlaw and David Roquemore arrived at the unloading docks with a boat full of rusty junk pulled from the river.
Thanks to Chevron Phillips for sponsoring the t-shirts.
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