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Water, water, everywhere and now here!
Posted on Jun 2nd, 2016

  When the water level on the river is over docks, be courteous and don't create wakes as the hydraulics of the wave action causes the deck boards to break away. It's the law - you are responsible for your wake!‚Äč
  • SUN, Jun 5, 10:30 am - Water level holding steady a few inches over most docks will probably stay this way for next few days unless heavy rain unleashes itself over the watershed. The light yellow-green area of the map is the watershed where the water that falls on it drains into it.
  • SAT, Jun 4, 7:00 amHeavy rain fell over most of the San Bernard watershed last night, approx 2.3 inches causing water level to rise and is over the docks but still within its banks. Links to the San Bernard flood gauges at bottom of page.
  • FRI, Jun 3, 6:00 pm -  River still not flooding. Water level is 2 - 3 " (yes, folks, that's inches not feet) higher than yesterday to just below docks and still within the banks.
  • THU, Jun 2, 5:00 pm - It is still not flooding on the San Bernard River and from indications upriver, none is expected.
  • WED, Jun 1, 1:00 pm: It is not flooding on the San Bernard River!
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