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"What’s Comin’ Down River” Flow Report
Posted on May 7th, 2019

Pictured right is the "San Bernard River near Boling" flood gauge at approx 2:00 pm on Wed May 8th. It shows the height of river at "moderate" stage of 25.22 ft
Photo below is the actual San Bernard River near Boling at the same time on the same day. The flood gauge has been updated to predict on Sunday May 12th the river will be in a "major" flood stage at 37.9 ft. an additional rise of 12.68 ft. Hope your dock is cleared of all floatables and your boat's out. It's all coming this way and probably much more! >>>
FOR’s Backyard River Hydrologist picked a great time to leave town with all the dire storm warnings of large amounts of rain predicted. But just remember, what’s upriver comes downriver. Start by scrolling to the bottom of this page and click on one of two flood information links the “NOAA Hydrological Prediction Service” and the more technically challenging “USGS Hwy 35 Gauge” marked Sweeny on the map.
On the NOAA link, the first gauge is at Chesterville located just south of Sealy near Interstate 10. What happens there, will flow down to East Bernard (the next gauge), then down to Boling, then Old Ocean near Sweeny and then it flows below Hwy 35.  The last gauge “San Bernard River near Sweeny” is no longer manned. The USGS Hwy 35 Gauge replaces it. Pay attention to what rain falls directly over the river watershed (greenish-yellow area surrounding river on map) because it all flows into the river.
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