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Guffey-Wingo Catch'em & Cook'em Class
Posted on Apr 1st, 2019

Photos Linda Wright
Fisherman-chef Ronnie Wingo shows off his FISH CAKES served at the program.
Fisherman-chef Tom Guffey dishes up his fried fish (recipes) during the Saturday program. Tom was ably assisted by Kelly Guffey.
Ingredients lined up for frying fish.
Assisting in the food line are Jane Logan and Denise Wolever
Tossing the salad is Kenlee Head and Vicky Wardlaw.
Left photo: Three heads seen at the program were Wayne and Vicki Head, Program Chairmen and waiting with tongs in hand to fry fish cakes is Ken Head, Assistant Cook to Ronnie Wingo.
Right photo: FOR Director George Harris carries his plate of fish, that he didn't catch, to the table to be eaten.
Fishermen-chefs Ronnie Wingo and Tom Guffey put their talents to the test on Sat Mar 30 when 75 folks attended the fun and delicious “Guffey-Wingo Catch’em & Cook’em Class” at the FOR pavilion. The group of attendees lined up at the start of the program and had a full plate of deliciously cooked fish, plus extras, served to them by FOR helpers.
After everyone had eaten the plentiful fish dishes, Wingo and Guffey accepted questions from the audience on how-to catch’em, cook’em. A question was asked about using a popping cork - answer, the noise attracts redfish out of the marsh and the cork keeps lure off of bottom shell. Another question asked whether a high tide or low tide is better for fishing - answer, either, as long as there is current moving. A question was asked about fishing methods on the ICW - answer, look for shell banks along the shoreline and reefs at inlets to marsh lakes. Another question regarding cooking was asked about a using method other than frying - answer, a technique for blackened redfish was explained.
The take-away from the program was, in order to fish as successfully as Wingo and Guffey, you have to be patient, observant, have eagle eyes, pay attention to the current or lack of, know your bait, and have good timing to wait until the right moment to snag the fish. (Or know how to get to H-E-B.)
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