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Road Trip: San Bernard River Crossings
Posted on Apr 11th, 2016

When you get that springtime itch for a road trip, point your vehicle “up north” and try to find the areas where you can cross the San Bernard River.
On this trip, a printed atlas “The Roads of Texas” was used since GPS cell service was not available in a few places. The three crossings went over two concrete low water structures and one highway bridge.
The exact locations won’t be given as that would spoil the adventure of finding them for yourself.
Photo 1:
Near the town of New Ulm, where the head water of the San Bernard starts as a small spring on private property, this low water crossing on a county road has a cattle guard (opposite number 4 on the flood gauge) to keep cattle from moving down the river bed to freedom! The flood gauges are recent new additions to these crossings.
Photo 2:
Heading south from New Ulm, overlooking the river from a highway bridge near Cat Springs, the San Bernard was sparse in places but the springtime Indian Paintbrush was in full bloom.
Photos 3:
Left, looking upstream at Kurt’s Crossing, a low water crossing west of Sealy, and, right, looking downstream, the river is full. Could there be a spring nearby keeping the water plentiful? A nearby pasture borders the river where a half dozen jet black longhorns whose all-white horns contrasted beautifully with their dark hides. A big bull was digging the tip of one of his massive horns in the dirt and tossing a cloud of dust on his back without missing.
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Comment By: Tom Ronayne
Posted on Apr 12, 2016

Thanks for the San Bernard geography lesson Ms. Webmaster. Ange and I will go exploring on the next good "top down" day!


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