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River Flood Advisory
Posted on Apr 18th, 2015

  • Sat Apr 18
1:45 pm - the river is rising due to yesterday's heavy rainfall over the San Bernard watershed. It's still within its banks located between the two bridges (FM 521 & FM 2611) but is steadily rising. Current speed is four mph. 
5:15 pm - River just out of its banks, current stil four mph, some debris spotted floating down the river
7:30 pm - The water has risen about an inch an hour since 5:15 pm. River current is holding about four mph. No river updates after dark.

Best news of all, the edge of the rain clouds passed over this location and the bright sun lit up the trees on the opposite shore. The small red dot in the water is a red plastic gas can bobbing its way to the Gulf. >>
There is always a link to flood information at the bottom of this page. "NOAA Hydrological Prediction..." then scroll down to bottom graph "San Bernard River near Sweeny"
  • Sun Apr 19
12 noon - Boling is predicted to be at 29.5’ at 7:00 pm tonight. Flood stage is 18’ so we're still going to have a lot of water down here, even with no more rain this week. The photo was taken one mile above the Blacks Ferry Bridge (FM 522).>>
  • Mon Apr 20
8:45 amThe water surface elevation at Boling has dropped approx a foot since 7:00 pm last night. Still at flood stage of 28.62’ with lots of water coming down the river. The water level at Boling is a good predictor of what is heading to the lower reaches of the San Bernard. It's located 24 river miles above the Sweeny flood gauge. The velocity of the current is approx 4.6 mph.
Photo is of a yellow paddle boat that floated to a spot 100 yards downriver from the  railroad bridge on the Brazoria side.>>
Photo: Linda Wright
Photo: Tom Ronayne
Photo: Tom Ronayne
  • Tues Apr 21
8:15 am - last flood advisory from river resident hydrologist and FOR President Tom Ronayne
     The water surface elevation is down two feet from crest at East Bernard, down three feet at Boling. Safe to say the drop is more than just the effects of the north wind, high pressure and resulting low tide yesterday, so we can call yesterday morning the crest.
     The National Weather Service web site shows levels at Sweeny down to about three feet above normal by Thursday. The forecast seems to have stretched out enough to match what the river is doing now. For folks between the bridges, FM 521 / FM 2611, or those with higher docks, your lumber should see daylight by Thursday or Friday at the latest. Late in the weekend or early next week for those in the upper reaches around Blacks Ferry Bridge. Let the mudslinging begin...
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