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San Bernard Recognized in Dave Berry's Column
Posted on Feb 17th, 2016

"Focal Point columnist Dave Berry writes about big news from Sweeny, Texas"
Tuesday, 16Feb2016
By Dave Berry, former editor of the Tyler Morning Telegraph, who retired from that position a year ago after 46 years in newspapers
Caption as it appeared in the column “The Gulf Intracoastal Waterway winds through Brazoria County, carrying a stream of barges along the Texas coast. In this shot from 1980, two barges cruise side-by-side near the mouth of the San Bernard River. Sweeny is about 20 miles upriver. (Photo by Dave Berry)"
Editor's note: The view is looking west towards Cedar Lakes with the barges eastbound.
Editor's Note: Looks like FOR scooped THE FACTS! This same article appears in today's paper Thu Feb 18 –– our article was posted on the web yesterday Wed Feb 17.
The photo accompanied a column written by Dave Berry about the time he was “...managing editor of the Brazosport Facts on the Texas Gulf Coast, and the purpose of my visit to Sweeny was to meet Bessie, one of our correspondents - those half dozen or so correspondents from small towns such as West Columbia, Jones Creek, Danbury and Sweeny who kept us informed on local comings and goings. We called them “stringers” and paid them by the inch, but not a lot. They kept track of what was published by clipping each story or column and pasting them into one long string. We measured their string of copy and paid them accordingly….”
Read the rest of the story in today's FACTS.
Dave Barry is a Pulitzer Prize winning author and columnist, who wrote for The Miami Herald from 1983 to 2005.
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