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Hanson Riverside Co. Park New Boat Ramp and Dock
Posted on Feb 8th, 2015

Attending Breakfast on the Bernard on Sat Feb 7 was, left, Tom Ronayne, FOR President, David Linder, Brazoria County Commissioner, Jason McCaffety, Brazoria County Superintendent, and Gary Kersch, Administrative Assistant.
Fifty interested people attended breakfast to hear County Commissioner David Linder and Brazoria County Superintendent Jason McCaffety discuss the new 100' long boat ramp, dock and parking area planned for construction at Hanson Riverside County Park scheduled to start sometime in March or April of this year. This project was originally started in 1987. Most of the funds to build the much need ramp will be from government grants. 
The project will consist of a road coming off of Hwy. 35, a parking lot, ramp access and  boat ramp.
INSTALL pipe crossing over drainage ditch “needed to build road across to boat ramp access". Consists of 2 rows of 48 inch R.C.P.  “ 72 foot per row “. 200 tons of 6% cement stabilized sand and crushed concrete. Pipe has been purchased and is on location
DIG drainage ditches along the road and parking lot.
HAUL in fill dirt for road bed, parking lot and ramp access.
STABILIZE the subgrade with lime slurry 6” x 6%  “approx. 140 tons = 14 semi-tanker loads"
BUILD road base with approx. 3100 tons of crushed concrete 6” approx. 225 dump truck loads
STABILIZE the base with approx. 13,000 gallons of ABS-65 base stabilizer
PUT a prime coat  of CSS1 emulsified asphalt for dust control onroad, parking lot and ramp access.
Ready for public use !!
Timeline of Proposed Boat Ramp:

1987  Application for permit to renovate existing boat ramp
2006  Letter to Texas Department of Transportation and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department to renovate existing boat ramp  >>>
2008  Shortage of state road funding so renovation to the existing boat ramp would not be feasible
2009  Request permission to move location of boat Ramp to Hanson Riverside County Park. Accepted.
2010  Work begins on Hanson Riverside County Park expansion using CIAP funds

2011 Texas Historical Commission Review and Archeological Survey of land completed
2012 US Army Corps of Engineers Permitting, Wetland Delineation, Jurisdictional Determination
2013 Engineer work/drawings, received USACE permit
2014  Budget/drawings revisions
2015   On site pre-bid meeting with contractors, revise specks, drawings posted on Purchasing Dept. website.
Bids due on Feb. 19, 2015
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