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RUAA Study Results
Posted on Feb 12th, 2012

Photos Courtesy: TCEQ
San Bernard Stakeholders -
if you would like to comment on the report or have information on current or past recreation activities occurring on the river, comments will be accepted until March 8, 2012. Comments can be emailed to:
Joe Martin, standards@tceq.texas.gov
or mailed to: 
Joe Martin, MC-234
P.O. Box 13087
Austin, TX 78711.
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has released the San Bernard River Watershed RUAA Report (Recreational Use Attainability Assessment) on the San Bernard River Above Tidal 1302, Gum Tree Branch 1302A, & West Bernard Creek 1302B).
The purpose of the RUAA was to determine what types of recreation each stream is physically suitable for, regardless of its current water quality. A stream with a history of primary contact recreation, or physically suitable for it based on water depth, access, etc., would likely be designated as primary contact regardless of its current water quality.
San Bernard River Above Tidal 1302 is the area located above the salt water exclusion dam located on the San Bernard, a couple of miles north of Hwy 35 west of West Columbia. No primary contact recreation was observed, but a significant amount was indicated by interviews and by evidence of rope swings, docks, footprints leading into the water, etc.
On Gum Tree Branch, a basic RUAA was performed. Much of the stream bed was observed to be dry, and the surrounding land was primarily grassland or cultivated land. No primary contact recreation was observed, no evidence of primary contact recreation was discovered, and none was reported in any of the interviews.
On West Bernard Creek, a Basic RUAA was performed. The stream had some permanent pools but due to the drought also had a fair amount of dry stream bed. The riparian areas were approximately one half cultivated and about half forested. Interviews and evidence indicated there has been some primary contact recreation and a significant amount of secondary contact recreation.
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