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Update: Reopening the Mouth Makes NOAA Web Site
Posted on Nov 21st, 2014

Dredge #32 that opened the river mouth to the Gulf on February 22, 2009 was seen a couple of weeks ago on Lake Calcasieu, LA by photographer Tom Folger who was chasing trout and redfish with fellow San Bernard River fishermen John Wallace and Nelson Taylor
By Chris Sallese, PMP
Special Projects Division
The project remains on schedule with the majority of our effort over the past few months focusing on modeling the complex system associated with  the mouth of the river, the GIWW, Jones Lake and Cedar Lake.
Completed to Date:
  • Gathered existing modeling data from TX Water Development Board and USACE
  • Hydraulic analysis of the river from 1954 to date 
  • Bathymetric analysis of the river mouth from 1934 to 2012
  • Sediment transfer analysis along the coast 
The team is continuing with our modeling efforts and should have a list of potential alternatives for consideration in Jan 2015 as scheduled. The proposed alternatives will then be evaluated and coordinated with all the regulatory agencies.
Permitting, survey, geotechnical analysis and design for the selected alternative will begin in Feb/Mar 2015.
Project has been entered into the NOAA website (tracking number: JOX4R9IM) http://www.gulfspillrestoration.noaa.gov/restoration/give-us-your-ideas/view-submitted-projects/  (Editors's note: NOAA is one of the agencies involved in overseeing the funds received. Look for "Mouth of the San Bernard River Restoration Project-Brazoria County" on the project list below the map).
TCEQ and the Texas Restore Advisory Board uses the NOAA number to track the project for consideration of Federal Restore Council Funding.
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