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Progressive Dinner on the river – Brazoria side
Posted on Nov 6th, 2011

It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon on November 6th, when a River Regatta auction item of a progressive dinner took place on the river. Buyer of the dinner was Carla Rae Southard, owner of Sting Rae's Waterfront Grill in Sargent, who invited Dale and Linda Baxter, Amy Lawless, Kathy Blotter and Jean Davis to accompany her. They traveled by water taxi, captained by Marilyn Shockley and assisted by Ken Wright, to four different homes on the river .
First stop on the progressive dinner was Marie and Bob Breakiron who served an appetizer of assorted cheese, fruit, crackers and beverages. Then on to the second stop at Nancy and Fred Kanter for a mixed salad with homemade dressing and “to die for” gumbo. Third stop was Margaret and Royce Sharp, who served braised brisket, mushroom risotto and coriander glazed carrots. Last but certainly not least, Suzanne and Mike Goodson, finished the evening with crème brulee, Emeril’s chocolate cake with whipped cream topping, chocolate red wine, chocolate martinis and plenty of hot coffee.
Everyone enjoyed the hospitality, fun and food of the progressive dinner that is part of one of F.O.R.’s most popular auction items.
Clockwise, starting bottom left, Linda Baxter, Dale Baxter, Marilyn Shockley, Ken Wright, Jean Davis, Carla Rae Southard, Kathy Blotter and Amy Lawless start the progressive dinner.
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