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Reporting River Hazards
Posted on Oct 28th, 2017

Notice: The list  and map of hurricane hazards on the river will be sent to the Texas General Land Office on Mon Oct 30. Hopefully everyone who send in a location will hear from them either by email or phone.
Photos Bert Smith
Hazard (H) section 3 on map - pump house or deer blind on top of dock
Hazard (I) section 3 on map - dock piled high with debris
San Bernard River Boating Enthusiasts
The Texas General Land Office (GLO) has requested that any navigation and safety hazards left behind in the river only (not located on land) from hurricane flooding be reported to them. This could be submerged trees, partial pieces of boat docks, etc. anything that represents a boating hazard in the San Bernard River.
As a service to all San Bernard River residents who know the river well and come upon a hazard, please fill out the information below and email to webmaster@sanbernardriver.com. FOR San Bernard is compiling a list of all known hazards and will supply the complete list to GLO around the end of October. Mark the hazard if possible.
Include in your email:
Your Name
Description of hazard
Location map, include section number that applies to the hazard: Section 1, Section 2, Section 3
-- FOR Environmental Committee
Sat 28Oct2017  - List to Date of Hazards Reported
(A) portions floating decks hidden when tide is up
(B) dock against boat lift, tree lodged against bulkhead
(C) concrete chunk next to FM 2918 boat ramp and ICW
(D) partially submerged tree leaning on pier, cannot move it
(E) large pieces of floating docks and piers
(F) floating hot tub in middle of river
(G) large portion of pier right side of river
(H) pump house or deer blind on dock
(I) dock piled high with debris
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